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Community Clinic has determined that you are eligible for Newtopia. Newtopia is an easy way to develop sustainable healthy habits based on who you are – so you can feel your best and start living your best life.

What Can Newtopia Do For You?

The Newtopia platform combines hyper-personalized health coaching, convenient smart tools and a user-friendly app to help you improve your physical and emotional well-being.  Along the way, you’ll replace unhealthy behaviors with healthy habits that last. 

Newtopia is for people whose well-being goals include:

Nearly 1 Out of 3 Participants Lose at Least 5% Body Weight

Newtopia also has an optional, evidence-based test that reveals the impact your genes have on appetite & cravings, weight gain, resilience to stress, sensitivity to caffeine, sleep cycle, and motivation to exercise. 

Your Newtopia experience will be based exclusively on who you are – and want to be.  

Together, you and your Newtopia health coach (called an “Inspirator”) will create your unique “health selfie.” It will cover everything from eating habits and everyday behaviors to genetics and emotional wellness. Then you’ll set goals, and Newtopia’s innovative platform and human touch will keep you motivated and succeeding.

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Hear From Newtopia Participants


"My cholesterol is down 69 points and I left the prediabetic danger zone - all thanks to how easy Newtopia is."


"I started at 222 lbs. of unhappiness. I am down to 187 and have never felt better."


"My genetic test really narrowed down what I needed to do - I'm losing about 1 pound every week!"


"I no longer have type 2 diabetes. My Alc is 5.0, I'm off meds, and I've lost 160 Ibs."

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