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Doctor holding woman's hand while she receives an ultrasound.

Prenatal Care

Community Clinic’s Prenatal Pathways program ensures healthy pregnancies for moms and babies in Northwest Arkansas by providing prenatal care for all expectant mothers, regardless of income status. With support from the Beau Foundation, Community Clinic offers quality prenatal care through the 28th week of pregnancy. We help uninsured mothers obtain Medicaid and work with them throughout the enrollment process to ensure that they have resources to offset the cost of a delivery.

Prenatal Services Include:

  • Prenatal visits up to the third trimester of pregnancy
  • Nutritional counseling
  • WIC referral
  • Prenatal vitamins
  • Prenatal education
  • Referrals to local participating OB/GYNs for delivery

Community Clinic has strong partnerships with regional hospitals who we refer expecting mothers to for delivery. After the baby is born, we welcome mom and baby back to Community Clinic as their medical home.